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The DJ Who Decided to Double His Income

June 13, 2017

*disclaimer* I asked a DJ friend to tell me about how they made the switch to DJing WITH a photo booth, and here's what he said

The DJ Who Decided to Double His Income


I’ve always been into music.


From blasting my first hip hop album with my parents yelling at me to turn down the volume, to my first full booklet of cds, and an ever-growing Spotify playlist, music has always been my thing.  

After college I started DJ’ing parties for friends, and from there I got a couple paid gigs.  Before long, I was running a real DJ business.  The parties were great, and I was meeting lots of cool people (and girls), and having lots of fun.  

The money was decent but it never quite got to the point where I was making the money I dreamed about making, the money I needed to be making. Since then, I’ve started doing bigger and bigger events, getting paid more per event, and with a little luck, business could turn the corner and blow up, just gotta keep plugging away.  

Doing more events, and eventually getting hired to do bigger high paying events, is the way to make more money in this business.  Or so I kept telling myself.  


A couple years ago, I started seeing photo booths at some of the events I was running. I didn’t really pay much attention to them at first, as I was focused on the guests and my set, but after a while, I came to notice that almost every event I was running, also had a photo booth there.


I mentioned it to my girlfrield, who surprised me when she told me how much fun her and her girlfriends had at her brother’s wedding (before we met).   For real, I thought?


A couple months ago, I was at an event a bit early and saw the photo booth guy there setting up.  I walked over to introduce myself.  I asked him a bit about his business, how long he’s been doing this, and (most importantly in my mind) how much he was getting paid for running the photo booth at these events?  


He told me he owns the photo booth himself, and it varies by event but he’s usually pocketing around $600-$650 in profit per event. He said he does the events himself, so he can make an extra $50-$75 a night instead of paying an attendant, because he is saving up for a house and every dollar counts right now.


As I walked back to setup my equipment….it hit me.   


I’m a pretty experienced DJ so I’m getting paid around $800 for most events.  


If I’m already at these events. Trying to make money.  What if…..I ran through some quick mental math:


10 events x $800 = that’s $8,000 for 10 events DJ’ing

50 events x $800 = that’s $40,000 for 50 events DJ’ing


Could adding a photo booth to my business really increase my income by 60% ?!


10 events x ($800 DJ'ing + $500 photo booth profit) = $13,000 for 10 events DJ’ing and having a photo booth


If I do 50 events x ($800 DJ'ing + $500 photo booth profit) = $65,000 for 50 DJ’ing and having a photo booth


An extra 25 Gs for every 50 events.  Wow.  The writing was on the wall of what to do next.  So I made the move and have been making more money at almost every event since.

Want to increase your income at every event you spin at?  Tired of leaving money on the table and letting "the photo booth person" get paid, when you're already at the event Dj'ing?

Why put the conversation off any longer? 

Give us a call at 1-888-332-1299 x 1 and let’s discuss how a photo booth could help take your income to the next level.   Be sure to ask about the limited time "first 50" offer to see if you qualify to save thousands of dollars on your booth.

Joe Sweeney
Joe Sweeney is the CEO of Strike a Pose Photo Booths. He is a graduate of the Wisconsin School of Business, co-founder of, and has a passion for mentoring and helping people start and grow businesses