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The Benefits of Owning a Strike a Pose Photo Booth

June 13, 2017

The Benefits of Owning a Strike a Pose Photo Booth

It seems more and more common for us to hear about another internet startup where some teenager or 20-something has created the next multimillion (or billion-dollar) company. They are surrounded by media, fame, and fortune.  

To be clear….

That’s not what owning a photo booth will do for you.  

The benefits of owning a photo booth are great, but you’re not going to wake up one morning and find out your photo booth stock has gone through the roof.

So what are the benefits of owning and running a photo booth business?

  1. Being your own boss The world’s greatest resource is time. Time to spend with our friends and loved ones, or by the pool, rather than stuck inside a cube or at a job working for someone else. Yes, there is work to do, but being a photo booth owner, you get to do it on your schedule 95% percent of the time. For example, you have sales and marketing to do (to find new customers), but do you want to do that first thing in the morning when you wake up or would you rather take family time in the morning and spend your afternoons returning emails, networking (online and IRL), and making a few phone calls? The feeling of being your own boss is one of the greatest joys and rewards of being a photo booth owner.
  2. Fun Work “That’s why they call it work?” Ever wonder why they say that? The reason being, work is work, it’s not supposed to be fun, it’s how you earn money. Well whomever came up with that saying, probably wasn’t their own boss. And they DEFINITELY didn’t run a photo booth company. Yes, like every other business, there is work and responsibility to being a photo booth owner, but a huge part of running this business is about having fun. Talking to people about weddings, parties, and attending events makes you the person to know in your area. New bakery opening in town? Having a big 40th birthday party? Someone you know is getting married? Cool, have you thought about having a photo booth there to commemorate the day? It’s the opposite of being the tax collector, people are genuinely happy to have you at their events. I don’t think I’ve ever been “avoided” for being the photo booth guy ☺
  3. You Control How Much You Make and When You Work One of the unique things about owning a photo booth is you control the trajectory of your business and your earnings.
    Person A (the casual photo booth owner) You can buy a photo booth and do an event every month or so. It gets you out of the house for some fun and you can likely make enough money to pay off your booth in a year or two with nothing more than word of mouth advertising.   If you want to take a family vacation and not work for a couple weeks, that’s perfectly fine too.  You don’t have employees or a store to watch or really ANY ongoing responsibility when you’re away.  Your time is yours, work when you want to.  
    Person B (the multiple booth, grow-revenue-as-much-as-possible owner) If you are looking to generate a new stream of income, photo booths can be a profitable endeavor. You’ll want to capitalize on online and offline marketing channels to spread the word and implement customer loyalty and at event strategies to use events to continue to grow your business. How much can you make per event? That’s going to vary based on what you charge, how much you spend on marketing, and whether you run the events yourself or hire an attendant, but we’ve seen photo booth owners make $150-$200 an hour at events.  That’s not gross, that’s net (i.e. PROFIT!!!!).

So why should you buy a photo booth from Strike a Pose Photo Booths?  ‍

  1. You’ll be learning from an experienced team How we started our photo booth business wasn’t pretty.  We made a lot of mistakes.  We lost a lot of money along the way.  We tried to figure things out as we went and whether it was how to build our first booths or how to run our marketing we fell flat on our faces.  Over. And over.  And over.  Finally, we got to a point where we were running a successful and profitable business with eight booths in six different cities across the United States. Sadly, a lot of people buy photo booths and then either don’t learn how to operate the equipment or don’t know the first thing about how to run their business. Why reinvent the wheel and endure the long and expensive learning curve on your own?  We have full-time staff to help answer your questions at no additional cost for as long as you own your booth.  
  2. Online training platform We have a video library covering everything we learned about starting our photo booth business, including:
    • How to get your EIN tax ID number
    • How to advertise online and build a website that converts visitors into warm emails in our inbox
    • What spreadsheets, templates, flowcharts, and vendors you need to use to run a profitable business that fits your schedule
    • And so much more!
    Instead of learning through trial and error, we have a PROVEN SYSTEM being used by hundreds of photo booth owners across the globe.  
  3. Great Photos Your photos are your business cards, your brand, and your reputation in this industry.  From website pics to guests at events, there’s no room for so-so photos.  We’ve seen other photo booth owners throw an iPad on a pole and call it a photo booth.  We’ve seen booths with flashes catch guests off guard, create awkward shadows in the photos, and guests in photos have the dreaded red-eyes syndrome.  We’ve learned that getting exceptional photos is possible and predictable through a combination of four things.  
    • Continuous Studio Lighting
    • A DSLR Camera
    • A High Quality Sub Dye Printer
    • Knowing How to Properly Use Your Equipment
    That’s why we supply all four. And tutorials and live support on how to best use them!
  4. A 30-day money back guarantee If you don’t feel our team, training, support, and equipment is the best in class, you can return your booth within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund.
Or Call Us @ 888-332-1299 Ext 1

Be sure to ask about the limited time "first 50" offer to see if you qualify to save thousands of dollars on your booth.

Joe Sweeney
Joe Sweeney is the CEO of Strike a Pose Photo Booths. He is a graduate of the Wisconsin School of Business, co-founder of, and has a passion for mentoring and helping people start and grow businesses