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4 Costly Misconceptions about Photo Booths

March 24, 2016
  1. Having the right equipment is all a photo booth needs to take great photos. Not true. You want to be aware of the technology that comprises your photo booth, however it's not everything. A Canon Rebel T5 camera will take fantastic photos over a webcams grainy photos, and a Brava Dye sublimation printer will rock out 2 photo strips in 10 seconds versus 2 minutes on an inkjet printer. Don't be fooled though! Just because a photo booth offers a Canon Rebel T5 DSLR camera they may not know how their equipment even works. We've seen too many photo booth companies that have this nice equipment and still take terrible photos. It's a disgrace to the industry! The best photo booth companies have the correct lighting, focus, aperture, ISO, photo cropping, and more correct just to take a great photo. We have yet to see a flash only lighting system that takes good photos. Always compare the photo quality of your booth versus the individual components. You don't want to be known as the photo booth company with terrible photo quality. 
  2. All Canopies are created equal. Absolutely not! Some companies that offer canopy systems won't even show a real picture of their canopy on their website. Why? It’s because the canopies quality is terrible and it looks awful. One of the major players in the photo booth market won't show you their canopy because it's made of cheap plastic like drapes and a plastic frame. Others hang up drapes using Velcro, or use PVC pipe and drape systems you have to rebuild at every event. A good system will be wrinkle free, look professional, and setup in less than a minute. Why spend 45 minutes building a pipe and drape system every time you run an event? You have to break it down at the end of the event too and hopefully you never misplace a piece! Save yourself the headache and get a system that sets up quickly. 
  3. I can make the same amount of income with a cheap booth versus an expensive booth. Just like the Four Seasons offers a better product at a premium price over a Motel 8, a photo booth that takes better photos and offers a better user experience can charge more for their services. If you educate your clients on what makes a quality photo booth they will gladly pay more for your services. You can easily educate your clients with a great website and an email.
  4. The user experience in a photo booth is the same among all photo booths. Imagine walking into a dark room, pushing a button that says color on it, you can vaguely see yourself on the screen and a countdown starts, a giant flash blinds you, and it starts again. Your photos print and everyone has redeye and is really small in the image. Now imagine walking into a well lit room, a 22" touch screen shows you a large view of you right on the screen. A custom made screen informs users they are in your photo booth. The screen invites you to simply touch an option of color or black and white to begin. A countdown on the screen goes to zero and your picture is taken. After 3 images have been taken it invites them to download their photos from your website or tag them to Facebook. Two photo strips print in 10 seconds and you head back to the party. You're offering an experience and not just a product. Make sure your clients will enjoy it and you’ll enjoy referrals.
Mike Hansen
I've been helping people become their own boss for over 5 years. It's a truly fulfilling business that we're in. If you're in a job that is unsatisfying to you, then take control of your destiny. Be happy, be healthy, enjoy your life. Life is what you make of it.