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How to Make Money with a Booth

March 24, 2016

Remember hanging out at your friends wedding and going into the photo booth?

The lights, the props, and sneaking a kiss on camera! You get 3 photos printed out in seconds to cherish for a lifetime.

While everyone is having a blast, enjoying themselves, and drinking the night away the photo booth guy is smiling.

And why shouldn’t he? He’s at an awesome wedding, hanging out with the guests, and just having a good time.

Well… having a good time and making over $200/hour.

So lets talk about what the photo booth business is:

Let’s get down to business:

The photo booth business is simple. You buy a photo booth, have a website setup, and advertise your services online and drive traffic to your website. Then *Poof* you have customers contacting you to rent your photo booth for their wedding, party, quinceanera, retirement party, prom, you name it. The typical photo booth rental for a 3 hour event according to Strike A Pose Photo Booths (that’s me for those that don’t know it) is about $750, depending on where you live.

Your expenses for that event are advertising costs, employee costs (If you used one), and ink/paper. If you advertise using Google the average ad spend to acquire a customer is about $100.

The employee costs are about $20/hour. Depending on how long your booth takes to setup [our setup takes only 5 minutes tops] then your costs can get higher. If you’re running the event then it’s all profit to you. Still, you should always consider the opportunity cost. Was $20/hour worth your time when the rental itself is paying you $200/hour? I highly recommend running your own events at first, learning how everything works, and then when you’re ready to reap the rewards you hire it out. Then you buy a 2nd booth and hire that out too.

The third and final expense is Ink/Paper. These cost you a whopping $10-15 per event. Yup that’s it. This box of paper should last you at least 6 events.

So lets recap the event. $750 3 Hour Rental – $100 Ad Spend – $0 Employee Cost – $15 Paper/Ink = $635 Profit.

If your complete photo booth package, website, and everything to get started cost you lets say $10000 then you could have your investment paid for in under 16 events. Most of our customers do 25+ events their first year. We’ve had some do over 50 events!  What other business offers you a 150% + ROI your first year?

Now that you understand the numbers, check out some of my other articles to learn more about the business, what to look for in a photo booth, and more coming soon.


Checkout our businesses Strike A Pose and Famous Photo Booths to learn about our portable photo booths, business training, and websites we can make for you.


Mike Hansen
I've been helping people become their own boss for over 5 years. It's a truly fulfilling business that we're in. If you're in a job that is unsatisfying to you, then take control of your destiny. Be happy, be healthy, enjoy your life. Life is what you make of it.